Our hikes

The following hikes are available upon pre-booking:

Fatbike tours

Tour of the seven bridges of the city of Tartu on fat bikes

A different kind of city hike, where a third of the hike goes along the riverside. On bikes with good permeability, you can go through such exciting places as the Ropka-Ihaste nature reserve, Chiinalinna pilpaküla, ERM etc. at your own pace. The ride starts and ends at Tartu Adventure Park, where there is free parking and you can rent a grill house if you wish.

Duration: 2-4 hours

Distance: 15km

Price: €260 for 10 people

             300€ for 10 people with barbecue

In addition to city hikes, we also conduct hikes in other parts of Estonia. For example, in Kõrvemaa, Taevaskoja, Elva, Otepää, etc.


Winter canyoneering

Calypso hikes take place in Southern Estonia on the Ahja River, whose banks are surrounded by sandstone outcrops and spruce and pine forests. During the hike, you have to overcome several natural obstacles using different ways (including climbing and floating in water), and there is always an instructor who guides you on how to complete the trail without harming nature. The route takes adventurers through both the Small and the Great Sky House. The length of the route is three kilometers and the approximate travel time is 60 minutes. At the end of the hike, all hikers will receive a light body check.


Book your adventure today by calling +37251972754 or writing



For 1: 65€

to 8: 520

the minimum number of participants is 8

Swamp hikes on snowshoes

Snowshoeing in the autumn bog. The landscape is yellowed brown, but the leaves of the trees on the far edge of the swamp are still very colorful. Crossing a kind of bottomless swaying landscape is an experience in itself, not to mention the exciting and wise stories of the hiking guide.

*Selli-Sillaotsa snowshoe hike

Duration: 2h

Distance: 5km

Price: €260 for 10 people


*Meenikunno snowshoe hike

Duration: 2h

Distance: 5km

Price: €260 for 10 people

Canoe trips

*Emajõe 7-bridge hike

Price: €20/person (group of 10)

Lantern tour

Duration: 2h

Distance: 5km

Price: €260 for 10 people

Location: primordial valley of the Ahja river